Empire Business Towers

Empire Business Towers

The Empire Business Towers comprise 5 towers in the center of the Empire Project site.

The main tower, EBT 1, is 27 floors high and covers a construction area of 24,000m2. EBT 1 is surrounded by 4 other towers in a circular shape, (EBT 2 – EBT 5). Each tower has a construction area of 21,000m2 and is 23 floors high.

Central Business Tower, EBT 1, is divided into the following spaces:
-The basement and ground floors are designated for information and office services.
– The first floor, mezzanine floor and second floors include a conference hall, business center and meeting rooms.
– 9 floors divided into 4 offices each with an average area of 215m2.
– 8 floors divided into 2 offices each with an average area of 520m2
– 6 floors comprised of 1 office with an average area of 1,045m2.

EBT 2, EBT 3, EBT 4 and EBT 5 are divided as follows:

Each floor has an area of 911m2 subdivided into 7 offices:
– 5 offices at 123m2.
– 2 offices at 148m2.
– The offices can be easily merged to create a larger space or left as stand-alone units.

5 Buildings

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